Assistant Electric Engineer

Assistant Electric Engineer

 Workplace: Suzhou

<Basic Requirement>

1. Automation control-related major above college level

2. New grad, 1~2 years experience on designing or debugging control system is better.

3. Have electrical knowledge (PLC, touch panel, control equipment, etc.).

   Familiar with S7-300, S7-200, AB MicroLogix1400 or PROFACE touch panel is better.

4. Can use AUTOCAD, Word, Excel

5. General ability in reading, writing and speaking English.


< Basic work>

1. make and/or confirm electrical drawings to and from vendor.

2. make and/or confirm electrical drawings to provide to customer.

3. attend meeting and/or negotiation with vendor and/or customer.

4. work closely with electrical engineer to resolve some electrical troubles.

5. maintain the standard drawings and engineering book

6. other work arranged by direct supervisor