Mechanical design engineer

Mechanical design engineer

Workplace: Suzhou


Basic requirements:

1Bachelor of mechanical major or above, fluid machinery or low temperature and refrigeration major

2At least 3 years of work experience on centrifugal compressor design

3Above CET-4, proficient English skills in listening, reading and writing, as well as excellent spoken English

4Good command of CAD, Pro-E and other office software

5Clear thinking and good learning capacity; hardworking and good at communication


Basic duties:

1.    Making and confirmation of processing drawing

2.    Making of standard drawing

3.    Making and confirmation of model

4.    Negotiation and talks with salesmen on site

5.    Confirmation of trial operation record

6.    Making and confirmation of the drawing required by the customer

7. Negotiation with the customer on site

8.    Report of drawing schedule