Tilting pad journal bearing

These special bearing use pads to keep the shaft centre at the bearing centre at all times, so that shaft vibrations, which cause a problem at high speeds, are prevented completely, and stable operation is possible. The pad inclination also is adjusted automatically according to bearing load changes from load or no-load condition. Smooth response is possible even in regards to rapid load changes.


  1. 100% oil-free
  2. Vibration-free
  3. Low Noise Level
  4. Compact Size, the installation can be finished in a very short time.
  5. Easy access facilities maintenance
    Easy inspection machine parts

Simply removing the gear cover can check all moving parts. The main component parts like bull gear, pinion gear, shaft seal, bearings, etc. can be inspected easily and in short time. There is no need for removal other parts like air and water piping etc.