Sales Engineer (Overseas)

Basic Qualification Requirements

1. Responsible for the sales of centrifugal air compressor overseas and achieve the annual sales target.
2. Develop new agents and responsible for the management of all the agents in region within the jurisdiction.
3. Coordination for product delivery.
4. Follow-ups of payments for goods.
5. Liaison officer for quality control in Sales Department.
6. Finish other jobs assigned by higher authority.



Main Responsibilities

1. Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and related majors or above, or equivalent degree.
2. 3-year experience in sales of centrifugal compressor or above, aging 28-35.
3. CET-6 Certificate, good skills in English reading and writing and proficiency in oral English.
4. You’re preferred if you are familiar with chemical engineering, air separation and related industries.
5. With love of sales jobs, willingness for frequent business trips, good health, well-shaped figure and decorous appearance.



Working place