IHI-Sullair 2024Q2 sales workshop successfully ended

Last Friday, IHI-Sullair successfully held the 2024 Q2 Sales Management Seminar in Shanghai. The company's senior leadership and sales management team gathered to comprehensively review the achievements of the first five months of this year, share market conditions and sales analysis, and discuss future business development strategies and action plans. They jointly summarized experiences, looked forward to the future, and made full preparations for the upcoming market challenges and opportunities.

At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Nakamura San delivered an enthusiastic opening speech, setting a proactive tone for the entire day's proceedings. During the meeting, through detailed sales reports and strategic analysis, a comprehensive review and summary of the performance in the first five months of this year were conducted, and an in-depth analysis of after-sales business was provided, interpreting the current market dynamics and competitors' situations in detail. This not only helps to grasp market and customer needs more accurately, but also provides a strong guarantee for improving customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also provides an important reference basis for formulating the next sales strategy.

The management backbones of the sales team took the stage one by one, focusing on hot projects and regional sales, analyzing market dynamics, sales strategies, and competitive situations in depth, providing practical guidance for the team. Everyone focused on performance, customer maintenance, and strategy optimization, promoting a comprehensive improvement in team skills. Later, the financial knowledge training closely aligned with sales practices, empowering the sales team with data-driven decision-making capabilities through in-depth and concise explanations of relevant cases, providing precise navigation for business growth.

Finally, Yang Guanghua, the general manager of the sales branch, led the business forecast and action planning, clarifying specific goals and implementation paths for the next few months. He emphasized the importance of team collaboration and continuous progress, encouraging the sales team to participate in the action plan together, actively face challenges, and seize opportunities.

The entire seminar was rich in content and tightly paced, fully reflecting IHI Suelloc's proactive response to market changes. We will continue to promote business growth with sustained enthusiasm and a clearer strategic layout, continuously writing new chapters in development.

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