Tribute to Youth - Your Future, Your Call - An Exclusive Interview with IHI-Sullair's Young Talents

May is the beginning of summer, and it is full of vitality.

In May, there are warm winds and sunny days, and everything is beautiful,

There is also a festival for young people.

Let's get closer to the young talents of IHI-Sullair,

Listen to their feelings.

R&D Center / After-sales Product Development Engineer Yu Youyang

I was honored to become a member of the IHI Sullair family in 2023. When I first entered the workplace, I was arranged to do a one-month internship in the workshop according to the job requirements. At the beginning of the internship, everything was full of freshness, but as time went on, facing the limited workshop environment, I inevitably felt a bit monotonous and seemed to have fewer things to learn. However, when I asked experienced colleagues for advice with questions, a whole new world opened up before me - those details that I thought I was already familiar with actually contained great knowledge. For example, the material type of a certain accessory is not a single option, but I mistakenly believed that it was the only configuration because the material I initially encountered was relatively common, ignoring the diversity of materials. In addition, the copper pipes on the gas pipeline seem similar, but in fact, their diameters and functions are different. If you are not careful, it is easy to confuse them. These experiences made me realize that learning professional knowledge should never stop. We should not only practice hands-on, observe physical objects, but also be diligent in consulting drawings, emphasizing both theory and practice. At the same time, the power of selfless sharing and full support among colleagues is invaluable, and the harmonious and supportive working atmosphere within the company makes people feel warm and comfortable.

What impressed me most was the youthful vitality and team spirit displayed by IHI Sullair. Last year, the company held a fun sports meeting where employees from different departments were mixed into teams and worked together to complete the game. Many foreign colleagues, including General Manager Nakamura and Engineering Center Manager Tanaka, also actively participated in team interactions. The tacit understanding and enthusiasm across languages vividly illustrated the united and vigorous corporate style of IHI Sullair.

As a young employee of the company, I am full of hope for the future of IHI Shouli. I sincerely hope that the company will flourish and achieve great success. I also look forward to the improvement of after-sales business through the cooperation between our engineering department and after-sales department. At the same time, I also eagerly look forward to the completion and production of Su Xiangxin's factory, and the company's continuous breakthroughs in expanding in the large centrifuge market.

Sales Center/Sales Engineer Fu Tao

I have been working at IHI Sullair for two years. During this time, sales work has given me a sense of youth and achievement, and unforgettable experiences abound. To this day, I still remember the experience of a certain project: the project was about to start foundation construction based on the drawings of competitors, but faced with such adversity, our sales team did not give up easily. With an unyielding tenacity, we finally succeeded in turning the tide and won the project with our own technical strength and professional team services. This tough battle vividly demonstrated the unique fighting spirit and determination of our young people, and also made me deeply feel the boiling youthful blood and infinite vitality of the IHI Sullair sales team.

In my sales work, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of cross-departmental collaboration. Whenever it comes to a critical moment, our partners in the engineering department always lend a helping hand without hesitation. In order to meet every subtle need of our customers, they are willing to sacrifice their personal time and work late into the night to draw up drawings. Our colleagues in the production department also regard the factory as their home and work against the clock to assemble and test equipment to ensure the accuracy of every link. Our after-sales engineers are even more fearless and work on the front line, debugging machines on-site for customers until they run perfectly. All of this embodies the love and dedication of IHI Sullair people to their work. Their presence is the most vivid interpretation of the company's youthful style - it is a spirit of courage, challenge, and never-say-die, a youthful storm filled with passion and sweat.

HR & Administration Department/Personnel Administration Specialist - Ge Wanlan

My first task after joining IHI Sullair in February last year was to prepare for the company's 5000th compressor off-line ceremony and the annual Spring Festival dinner. It was a very fulfilling period. Although there were some flaws in the process, with the help of all colleagues in our department, the result was very satisfactory. Because of this process, I quickly became familiar with the faces of my colleagues. Their friendliness, optimism, and fearlessness of difficulties made me feel that the company is like a young person in their prime, full of ambition. From my work perspective, it must be in various team-building activities, such as annual travel and Frisbee team-building. Outside of the daily rigorous and fulfilling work scene, in every time we devoted ourselves to the game, I could feel the enthusiasm and vitality of our IHI Sullair.
I also wish IHI Sullair all the best in the future!

Quality Department/Assistant Quality Engineer - Cai Wenqi:

As a new colleague who has joined IHI Sullair for less than two years, my most memorable moment may be during the first three months or so after I joined the company. Because I was just getting familiar with the company's business and there were many things I was not familiar with, I often went to consult colleagues and leaders. Whenever I had questions, everyone would patiently guide me and provide guidance and help. This allowed me to quickly improve my work ability and learn a lot of new knowledge. The selfless sharing and patient guidance of colleagues and leaders in the company are the most memorable things for me. In addition to work, the company also organizes many colorful cultural and sports activities, which not only release the vitality and vigor of everyone, but also allow everyone to relax to some extent. The colorful cultural and sports activities of the company make me feel that the company is like a young man who loves communication and sports, full of youthful spirit. I also hope that the company can become better and better, like us who are in the prime of youth, continue to grow and become bigger and stronger!

Youth is like the rising sun in the morning, full of vigor and radiating with light.

Youth is like a sapling breaking through the ground, always facing the light.

Young people are the future of IHI SRL, leading the direction of IHI SRL's future.

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