IHI-Sullair was invited to attend the second session of the fourth council of Suzhou Industrial Park Charity Federation


In April, the second session of the fourth council of Suzhou Industrial Park Charity Federation was held, and IHI-Sullair, as a council member, was invited to participate.

Jiang Sufang, our Chief Financial Officer, attended the conference as a representative of the company. She listened to and deliberated on the Federation's 2023 work report and financial report. She also exchanged experiences and clarified tasks with other council members to jointly promote the development of the charity industry in the park in terms of both quantity and quality.

During the interview, Director Jiang Sufang emphasized that the key to laying the foundation for a company's development lies in actively taking on social responsibilities and creating social value. For a long time, IHI-Sullair has always adhered to pursuing corporate development and performance improvement while actively responding to national policy guidance and government calls. It has continuously deepened and strengthened its sense of social responsibility and action, assumed corporate responsibility, actively participated in and organized various charity and public welfare activities, and regarded repaying society as its unshirkable responsibility.

We firmly believe that the growth of a company lies not only in its own development and expansion, but more importantly, how to transform accumulated resources and capabilities into tangible social welfare. Over the years, IHI-Sullair has enthusiastically participated in various charities and actively engaged in various public welfare activities. It aims to benefit more needy people through practical actions, achieve effective resource recycling and social sharing, and build a virtuous cycle. As a council member of the Suzhou Industrial Park Charity Federation, we are deeply honored and more deeply aware of the significant responsibility behind this honor.

Facing the future, IHI-Sullair will continue to uphold the purpose of "rooting in China and contributing to society with technology," deeply study and explore the charity model in the new era, and practically organize and carry out various public welfare activities. We will work with all sectors of society, under the guidance and support of the Suzhou Industrial Park Charity Federation, continue to devote ourselves to charity work, actively fulfill social responsibilities, adhere to the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic, efficiently and orderly promote the implementation of various charity work, strive to provide help to vulnerable groups in society, repay society with practical actions, and continue to work hard to make the world a better place.

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