Run, IHI-Sullair! We Holds 2023 Annual Summer Fun Sports Meeting

June has arrived, and early summer is fragrant. To further encourage our employees to enjoy fun and build a strong physique in sports activities; To implement a people-oriented corporate culture and promote the physical and mental health of employees, in the early summer when the fragrance is gradually rising, IHI-Sullair Administration and Human Resources Department organized the "Run! IHI-Sullair" themed fun sports meeting, which was launched on June 2nd at the Suzhou Design Town Sports Center. Colleagues from various departments of the company actively signed up, and nearly a hundred employees participated in this event together.

At the beginning of the activity, a random grouping will be conducted on-site, and then each team will select their own captain and team name. The atmosphere on site quickly became lively - "We are called the 'Wild Wolf Team', with blood and invincibility

The 'Super Team' is amazing! Let's call it the 'Peak Team', we can't lose in terms of momentum

The slogan of our 'Hongyun Team' is - Hongyun Hongyun, unstoppable

The first project to be conducted is the "tug of war" - tug of war competition. This project adopts the method of elimination and promotion, with a duel between two teams to determine the top four, and then these four teams will compete to determine the top, second, and third place. With the whistle of the referee, the tug of war officially began. Both team members clenched the rope, gritted their teeth, and riveted it with all their might to pull it back. On the field, cheers, commands, and cheers rose one after another, creating a lively atmosphere with climaxes. Each participating team thinks and uses their energy together, working together and fighting hard, and never giving up until the last moment. A team of people, a rope, a force, and one heart demonstrate vitality in sports and unity in competitions. This tug of war competition has enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the employees.

The next competition will be the "Flying Dragon Agent" and the "Collaborating Walking Race". The rapid and consistent action of all participants is a great test of the tacit understanding among employees. The team members pressed their feet against each other, shoulder to shoulder, and worked hard to reach the finish line with the slogans of "one, two, one, two". The participating team members cooperated harmoniously, with consistent and neat steps, shooting stars with great strides and moving forward quickly, attracting constant cheers from the judges. In the two matches, none of the teams fell, reflecting the high level of unity and tacit cooperation of the IHI Shouli team.

The height should be lower and the speed should be faster. "" Hand movements should not be too intense! "" My side is higher, your side should be lower! "" Be careful not to let the ball run away! "In the" Navigation New Journey "themed kickball competition, each team racked their brains and unleashed the intelligence of their team members to overcome height inequality and power differences, and quickly and smoothly achieved the kickball goal.

The safety of enterprises is nothing small, and safety awareness is often maintained. In the "race against the clock In the competition, the project simulated a scene of a fire scene with low posture passing through obstacles. The team members were in person, one after another pressing against the ground, quickly passing through. The companions waiting at the safety exit in front quickly pulled up the team members who had already passed. With everyone's careful and close cooperation, each participating team completed the simulation competition in less than one minute, reflecting everyone's excellent safety literacy.

The atmosphere at the event was very lively, and everyone was immersed in the game happily. After intense and fun competition, the champion, runner up, third place, and palace team were ultimately determined, and Mr. Nakamura, the general manager, presented awards to each team on-site.

This fun sports meet is not only a competition of "physical strength" and a gathering of "mental strength", but also a group building activity that showcases the spiritual style of IHI Shouli people. This event not only stimulated employees' interest in sports and promoted physical and mental health, but also implemented our company's people-oriented and health oriented corporate culture. During the exercise, everyone experienced the meaning of peers and the joy of interaction. While communicating and coordinating, it also enhanced communication among colleagues.

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